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In 2008, Tologix was co-founded by 3 lawyers and one web professional. The intersection of these subject matter experts creates a dynamic that unlocks new opportunity in a changing legal landscape.

Product features

  • Pinpoint Accuracy - links users to the specific passages in legal decisions and instruments
  • Multifaceted Research - examine a specific legal issue from all angles, with context
  • Improved Relevance - pre-structure and elimination of 'noise' data saves time
  • Turnkey Services - initial license, build, hosting & maintenance ...see details

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An overview of our product as it relates to creating specialized and complementary LawGuides for areas of Int'l Economic Law.

What clients say about our LawGuides

TradeLawGuide is a highly useful and comprehensive research tool – a must for anyone involved in WTO dispute settlement work, especially given the ever-growing WTO case law. The Legal Affairs Division resorts to it on a regular basis in its work assisting WTO panels.

Valerie Hughes, WTO, Director of Legal Affairs Division

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