PRODUCT – ver2.x

The fully commercialized Tologix v2.x legal publishing application permits lawyers and firms to cost-effectively structure and publish expert knowledge alongside specialized content.  Our product is feature rich, and operating in-market delivering the following:

Pinpoint Accuracy – instantly links users to the specific passages in legal decisions where a particular legal instrument or prior decision was considered.

Efficiency Gains – what took hours or even days to research now takes minutes through the use of contextual navigation and an intuitive research interface, accessible from any internet connection.

Multifaceted Research – integrated and cross-referenced research tools enable users to examine a specific legal issue from all angles.

Searchable Document Collection – all materials relevant to the specific area of law are structured and made available in a comprehensive document collection that can be filtered and searched in a variety of ways

Improved Relevance – outperforms competing products through structure and elimination of “noise” data

New Economics– reduces research staff costs, retains knowledge within the firm, gains industry recognition for practitioner, receives ROI through subscriber monetization

As a practitioner or firm you can Monetize Your Knowledge™ by using our advanced solution.



  • enhanced full-text search of specialized legal data with contextual and suggestive results
  • integrated content for subject-specific cases/provisions as well as terms & phrases
  • specific annotation tools for specialized analysis and added depth of research
  • improved efficiencies with single unified view of filtered legal data
  • pinpoint accuracy of search results with extracts & full source documents
  • modular components for simplified personalization and customization
  • multi-person contribution layer for administration of data/knowledge
  • secure access from fixed or mobile internet connections
  • varied subscriber/user levels with enhanced policy management
  • web-based admin for rapid, non-technical data input and workflow
  • high availability hosted SaaS/ASP software model


  • enables comprehensive legal research databases to be made available for underserved areas of law
  • applies a practitioner’s knowledge to enhance industry-specific subject matter
  • organizes specialized information, yielding highly comprehensive search results
  • drives unparalleled efficiency of practice for research vs. competing products
  • utilizes advanced technology standards to deliver a compendium of knowledge
  • offers exclusive database for a specialty area and jurisdiction
  • establishes revenue streams via paid subscriber access that will monetize knowledge