Tologix is powering comprehensive legal focused research databases including the following:

JUNE 2008 – as a prototype built with Tologix v1.0, TradeLawGuide™ was soft-launched in market offering a new level of depth, comprehensiveness, speed and precision for researching WTO law that complements resources already available to counsel, policy advisors, and researchers.  One year later in 2009, this World Trade Law research site has been widely accepted in its target market as a successful, direct marketed, subscriber-supported product.

JULY 2010 – our second LawGuide™ database, Investor-State LawGuide™ was beta-tested with a select group of users, greatly expanding the document set and re-establishing its launch date for Q1-2011.  Successfully launched March 2011 at the IBA Conference and based on Tologix v2.0.x, the research database has paying subscribers who use its integrated research tools built for Investor-state arbitration law.


At Tologix, we maintain a strategic sales funnel that complements our product road-map.  If you would like to inquire about a demo, and/or are considering building a research database for your specific area of law (or for other academic and/or professional knowledge driven areas including medical, research, or financial etc.) please feel free to contact us.