Killer web3.0 App for Legal Knowledge Management

It’s exciting how knowledge management is such a large driver of the underlying technologies behind web3.0. With so many professionals recognizing the need to transfer …


Business Context within the Global Brain

Early in May 2008, there was an article in the GlobeAndMail titled: “Google? That’s old school. Intelligent new Web 3.0 applications will revolutionize the …


Can Knowledge Management be a Hosted Service within Web3.0?

In recent conversations with industry professionals previewing our beta, we have begun fielding questions about challenges associated with knowledge management within the enterprise.
Within the enterprise, …


A Semantic Wave of Opportunity Coming?

For the last few years I have continued to read about the emerging Semantic Web and how it will change business and the flow of …


What if I drew Tologix in the sand?

Starting to communicate something that is both technical and creative is difficult. Sure, if it is just a couple thoughts and ideas in a blog …

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