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Tologix Receives Notice of Allowance from USPTO for First Patent

Tologix is pleased to announce it has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its initial patent application No. 12/667,430 specific to a System, Method, and Data Structure for Providing Access to Interrelated Sources of Information.

The field of the invention relates to the systems that power the current Tologix legal research databases, as well as other systems which are similar for expert bodies of knowledge.

The patented invention pertains to data storage and access systems, and particularly, to a system, method, and data structure for inputting, managing and/or providing access to interrelated sources of information pertaining to a given subject.

Remote access to reliable and searchable sources of information relating to specific esoteric subject areas in specific fields of knowledge such as law, medicine, business, economics, and the like. Tologix believed that such information could be presented in a structured manner that facilitates rapid and reliable comprehension of complex concepts, allowing for highly accurate access to supporting information in order to better research and understand a particular subject.

It it this unique system and method which has been patented by Tologix.


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