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TradeLawGuide is a comprehensive database with a powerful new type of search engine that searches across PDF files of official awards, decisions and other WTO documents and ‘notes up’ (that is, ‘shepardizes’ in American terms) WTO decisions by tracking how subsequent WTO reports, awards and decisions have considered specific passages in WTO jurisprudence. The database features a citator that collects all jurisprudence under a treaty provision for the WTO system. The search is powerful, contextual and time saving. — Journal of International Economic Law Vol.13, No.1 (23 March 2010)

TradeLawGuide sets a new standard for researching World Trade Organization (WTO) law. Our groundbreaking tools are designed to facilitate fast, comprehensive and methodical research using proprietary software. You can review thousands of pages of documents and be directed to pinpoint references. Time-consuming searches can now be conducted systematically and quickly, allowing you to research WTO law at a level of detail never before available.

More details available at www.tradelawguide.com