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Tologix v2.0 powers Investor-State LawGuide(™) as officially launched at IBA Event

The fully commercialized Tologix v2.0 legal publishing application, permits lawyers and firms to cost-effectively structure and publish expert knowledge alongside specialized content.

The Tologix web solution delivers:

Pinpoint Accuracy – instantly links users to the specific passages in legal decisions where a particular legal instrument or prior decision was considered.

Efficiency Gains – what took hours or even days to research now takes minutes through the use of contextual navigation and an intuitive research interface, accessible from any internet connection.

Multifaceted Research – integrated and cross-referenced research tools enable users to examine a specific legal issue from all angles.

Searchable Document Collection – all materials relevant to the specific area of law are structured and made available in a comprehensive document collection that can be filtered and searched in a variety of ways

Improved Relevance – outperforms competing products through structure and elimination of “noise” data

New Economics– reduces research staff costs, retains knowledge within the firm, gains industry recognition for practitioner, receives ROI through subscriber monetization

The Tologix v2.0 application powers InvestorStateLawGuide.com (ISLG) as our new flagship designed database, and was officially launched at the International Bar Association’s Arbitration Day in Seoul, Korea on 3-4 March 2011

Investor-State LawGuide™ has mapped the world of investment treaty law by capturing the relationships between treaties, arbitral rules, cases and other key materials.  Additional information found at www.investorstatelawguide.com

The commercialized Tologix v2.0 application includes the following features:

– greatly increased system speed vs. v1.0 prototype
– enhanced global and modular search for increased usability
– expanded full text search controls
– better integrated UI/UX for added research context, with fewer clicks
– improved browser/device and system compatibility.
– reduced steps in administrative upload process, minimizing complexity
– integrated and simplified web content management system
– added system intelligence, automation, and content tagging
– enhanced policy management, security, and audit trails
– real-time workflow management, posting and previewing
– enhanced user reports, statistics, and organic SEO/SEM tools

Our underlying Tologix application was completely rewritten with a significant reduction in code and expanded features, enabling v2.0 to operate with greater efficiency, extensibility and scale.

This newly commercialized version of the application was built in a higher level of maturity with a formalized ASP.NET n-tier system architecture, permitting a licensable API.

Additionally, our hosting and support infrastructure has been expanded following best practices, enabling Tologix to host multiple LawGuides operating in our fully managed Tier3 datacentre environment.


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