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Tologix Completes StageI Commercialization Round

Tologix is pleased to acknowledge the successful closing of its commercialization round as part of its 2010 business plan. 

“The continued hard work, dedication, and perseverance by the Tologix team and its service partners, has resulted in a successful closing of our commercialization funding round in a difficult economy,” said Dan Wilton, President & CEO of Tologix.  “We are also very pleased to state that we have expanded our Board of Directors with highly credible individuals who complement our business.  These members include partners of some of the largest Canadian law firms and an executive of the largest Canadian bank.”

Tologix will continue to innovate and drive enterprise value as it commercializes its software in version 2.x with expanded service partnerships and a growing sales funnel.

We are now going back into stealth mode to deliver value for our shareholders….   stay tuned.


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