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More Advances in our Subscriber-Driven Legal Research Database Tools

Things have been busy at Tologix! — Through the summer months, and into the fall, we improved our core application kernel while advancing our IP and product roadmap per plan. More importantly, we are very pleased to announce our 2nd database is on target to beta-launch for another underserved area of international law specific to investor-state and treaty arbitration.

Operating with our flagship TradeLawGuide in market, we have been able to apply direct subscriber feedback (academic, scholarly, firm and practitioner) to advance the core application kernel while applying those advancements to the new site build – and reciprocally, advancing the new site while applying advancements back to the TradeLawGuide application to maintain a common core.

Tologix corporate advancements include: expansion of our team with dedicated document delivery staff, re-aligned service partners, customer support services , designated accountant for SRED/year-end, new IP patent draft application considerations, government sponsored small projects funding for a portal application, redundancy and fail-over added to hosting infrastructure, strategic marcom activities, and ongoing work with the OCRI business accelerator.

We have managed to lower barriers to entry for a new build, improve utility of the database research tools with added context (highly anticipated!), improve SEO/SEM for direct marketing efforts, better articulate our business positioning, and expand of our strategic sales funnel.

Going forward into 2010, we are pleased to announce receipt of an LOI for another legal research database which is intended to showcase our toolset in a Private Law capacity…more on this in the months ahead…


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