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Tologix Runway Takes Form!

Tologix continues to find exceptional subscriber success in market with the flagship TradeLawGuide client site, while also applying market and client feedback to advance our core technology platform against the delivery of our 2nd client site build… all this while expanding our strategic accounts against an active sales funnel.

Through the months of April & May we performed needed housekeeping of business matters, while advancing our business processes, and expanding our core service delivery offering. All of which have cleared our runway for added success in the months ahead.

Upcoming on the June calendar:

  • expanded hosting infrastructure
  • improved database performance
  • enhanced browser features/compatibility
  • growth in our service delivery team
  • new software patent applications
  • updated marcom & sales materials

For those who do not yet understand the disruptive, turnkey legal software space Tologix operates in – back in May there was a LegalWeek Brighttalk interview with Professor Richard Susskind on “the End of Lawyers?” where both the host and Susskind press the point that fundamental change is upon the legal profession – wouldn’t you agree?


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