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2009 the Year of the Semantic Web?

Tologix is in motion: have built our 2009 plan, launched our corporate website, polished our legal documents, tweaked our business model, staffed the team, advanced our product, refined our investor pitch, and bootstrapped our operations!

Even within such a dire economy, there is hope of innovation and how that will present new business opportunity. Take for example how just a few days ago Google reported phenomenal news. Sure their sales were fantastic (we expect no less), but deep within that report there was a hint of technical direction as posted on googlewatch.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if Google understood the meaning of your phrase but rather just the words that are in the phrase? We’ve made a lot of discoveries in that area that are going to roll out in the next little while”

Yes, it is true — Google is looking to enhance their search using XML and RDF data from semantic networks and have been doing so for some time. Perhaps they are referring to their uber-advanced algorithm driven google-wide semantic networks, but honestly, to help disambiguate queries and improve search results within specialty data (ie. Legal Research Databases, Medical Research Databases, etc.) there still remains few credible options and given the need for integrating a practitioner’s knowledge.

I mean, how else can one rely on the accuracy of such a publicly build taxonomy, ontology, or folksonomy, then look to learn from and advance it with forms of AI? Such a specialized data ontology will only be created if there is a mutually beneficial business model attached to it.

Without that model, Google simply will not appeal to professional enterprise — ie. the enterprise with the highly specialized, knowledge intensive folks who are overwhelmed, flooded with information, and operating at the breaking point (National Workplace Survey 02-08) and look to find greater efficiencies in their search.

Yet, I suppose this is true – that isnt the market Google is going after.


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