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Here to Stay – Web3.0 Ripe with Activity

Activity in the Semantic Web market as context and relevance brings more meaning to your typical and ordinary full text search.

A few weeks back there was news of PowerSet which was acquired by Microsoft for a $100M+ (5x the SeriesA valuation for a 2.5 year company) and then there was Google who was rumoured to be at the table as well as a potential suitor, but instead just recently announced what looks to be a new Web3.0 based knowledge/blog platform called “Knol”.

Today, headlines are full of a cool new, contextual search engine information brought to the masses by former Google folks and labeled with a name people won’t easily forget http://www.cuil.com/ (pronounced ‘cool’). A search engine said to be more relevant and comprehensive and aimed to rival Google.

Within each of these mass-market engines, the issue of monetizing knowledge is still left outside the models, with exception of what looks to be revenue share from advertising, or with what looks to be monetization by the folks who own the search portals. Those same folks whom have taken an approach to opening access to information, and bringing knowledge to the masses have still left the professional practice of interpreting and applying that knowledge to the practitioner.

So, better than just applying software algorithms and hardware technology to improve search, is there not room for a practitioner to capture their knowledge, and doing so in a format that will compliment these new mass offerings? Yes there is.

We are certain the multi-$B need for professional publishers isn’t going away anytime soon, and we are equally certain a practitioner wont give up their knowledge without compensation.

This is why we brought the two together within Tologix.


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