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Killer web3.0 App for Legal Knowledge Management

It’s exciting how knowledge management is such a large driver of the underlying technologies behind web3.0. With so many professionals recognizing the need to transfer their knowledge into systems that scale, only considerations of systems that enable interoperability and allow for improved contextual display of queried results should be considered.

Its really tomorrows generation of programmer that is solving yesterdays data problem. What remains absolutely clear is that today’s established knowledgebase is less about code, and more about the application that enables both the automation and management of that very knowledge.

As a result, at Tologix, we believe a disruptive killer application in this market space remains two-fold, and therefore must be one that:

  1. allows practitioners to monetize their knowledge with a turnkey hosted system, enabling an extended reach from a limited clientele base, to one that is vast across an industry – a veneration to one’s professional contribution
  2. uses an advanced solution that capitalizes on both current and future value associated with the ontology, strengthening the endurance of ones knowledgebase, while also raising the bar amongst practitioners whom are then bound to use your knowledgebase as the new standard due to its competitive positioning

The driving opportunities within this market are where isolated data can now accessed and leveraged, where new technologies can allow better content structuring, and where knowledge professionals can improve on delivery of their services.

Many believe this is too good to be true.


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