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Business Context within the Global Brain

Early in May 2008, there was an article in the GlobeAndMail titled: “Google? That’s old school. Intelligent new Web 3.0 applications will revolutionize the way we interact with the world’s data“, this article went on to discuss how current information is flat and exists in silos, lacking the associated and required depth to add both meaning and context when performing a search.

Apparent by such published articles, there is significant interest in the Semantic web3.0, where its said entrepreneurs and researchers together are exploring opportunities to add meaning and context to structured and unstructured data.

This past week, Tologix has successfully soft-launched its first customer – TradeLawGuide – upon which the initial software kernel and application was built as a market facing prototype based on existing and emerging web standards.

Many years in development, the launch of our clients site has opened an opportunity for folks to participate in a FREE Beta Test Program of the research tools available in TradeLawGuide, as well as preview, first hand, the value brought forward with our software that allows today’s practitioner to effectively monetize his/her knowledge and compete in a newly defined publishing world.

Built with standard web-based research functions, then expanded upon to include tools based on emerging semantic web technologies… “TradeLawGuide offers a new level of depth, comprehensiveness, speed and precision to researching WTO law that complements resources already available to counsel, policy advisors, and researchers concerned with WTO law”.

Investing in the knowledge transfer and technology for contextual indexing of the published data has allowed this specific group of professionals to build a set of ontologies that: (i) maintain a current value in a turnkey hosted model, and (ii) possess a highly probable future value as part of the global brain.

Yup, officially its out there…. and to think this is just one of the many opportunities within the Legal market.


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