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A Semantic Wave of Opportunity Coming?

For the last few years I have continued to read about the emerging Semantic Web and how it will change business and the flow of information through “distributed intelligence”… How a fundamental shift in technology and economics will drive opportunity… How those few on the forefront of this trend will capitalize on what some believe is part of an information revolution… How those who were early adopters and R&D specialists are pretty much set to capitalize on a multibillion-dollar market opportunity.

Wow. Way cool. Being a somewhat savvy techno business/marketing type webguy… who prides himself for being in tune with the market, its safe to say we are in fact at the beginnings of what is becoming a great opportunity — where a macro view and understanding of all the moving parts is required to actually drive business value.

We all know it’s a risk to be caught up in the forefront of emerging technologies, where one can so easily become distracted [in sooo many ways] from executing on solving a business problem… but it is safe to say, for a business to be successful in the Web 3.0 ‘application’ market, one should be less concerned about the technology, and more focused on solving a problem.

For example, in the words of Mills Davis, of Project10X who so early sized the Semantic Web Market: “current ICT markets are dominated by relational database (RDB) and document-centric information technologies, procedural algorithmic programming paradigms, and stack architecture. The installed base and global market is huge — around $1.2T for hardware, software and services”

… yup, that size of market will undoubtedly have some serious distractions. Heck, outside all this IT infrastructure, we have a problems relating to complex system support and scale, compounded by emerging technologies, and fueled by rapidly evaporating barriers to entry… and all this in a highly competitive global information market!!!

Knowledge computing is where theory and information/data are brought together and present an opportunity. Sitting up top of your traditional IT stack, this is where knowledge becomes intertwined, and as an opportunity, structuring of that knowledge is a real, lasting opportunity, which is left to monetize.

Sure, there is definitely a large Semantic Web market opportunity. Trouble is, right now that opportunity remain so vast one doesn’t really know where to put a stake in the sand. However, when a stake does get planted, only those who have the utmost focus and drive will find success to selectively scale upon.

… without a doubt, this is more than just a wave… its starting to look like a tsunami.

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